Beginning in mid-September, we hire about a dozen young men and women as technicians for the coming season. Most are college graduates who want a season off before starting work in the ‘real world’. Ideally they have leadership, volunteer and some travel experience. Most already ski or snowboard, though are not necessarily experts. We offer a competitive wage, ski pass, potential for an end-of-season bonus, a very positive work environment and, most important, a chance to get on the slopes 4-5 days a week. Work begins approximately November 9th, and goes through Easter. Candidates MUST have local housing.

We’ve been at this so long that several of our technicians’ first exposure to Blue River Sports or Mountain Wave was as a kid renting equipment during a family ski vacation. Most go on to professional careers. We count numerous teachers, entrepreneurs, law enforcement, outdoor program educators, several stockbrokers, two Breckenridge business owners and several lawyers among our alumni. Many drop in over the years, some with the next generation of technicians in tow.

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2023-2024 Ski Technician Job Description

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Blue River Sports and Mountain Wave are equal opportunity employers.